Premium U.S. Plastisol (Soft) 5 Litres

Premium U.S. Plastisol (Soft) 5 Litres

Product Code: U.S. Plastic (Soft) 5 Litres
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Premium U.S Plastisol is a high quality liquid soft plastic that is Phthalate free. Premium 'Soft' makes extremely flexible soft plastic fishing lures while retaining maximum strength and hook holding capabilities. It is easy to work with, sets to a clear finish and the final product can be further refined by adding more hardener or softener to enable you to match any fishing application. This product is also available in 18 litre tubs and bulk quantities at significant cost savings so please email us at with any enquiries and we will be happy to help you out. This product is used by lure manufacturers worldwide and makes great soft plastics!


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