60mm Ribbon Paddle Tail Grub Injection Mould - 8 Cavity

60mm Ribbon Paddle Tail Grub Injection Mould - 8 Cavity

Product Code: 60mm Ribbon Paddle Tail Injection
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60mm ribbon paddle tail grub two piece aluminium injection mould with 8 cavities. The measurement is the full length of the lure in its finished position in the mould, taken from the tip of the nose to back of the arc in the tail, with this tail extending out further when fished and 'working'. This lure size and design is perfect for chasing anything from big flathead in the estuaries, emperor out on the reef, mulloway, murray cod and natives. Either fish this pattern alone with a standard jig head, or add it as a trailer to your favourite spinnerbait. This lure is particularly well suited for spinnerbait trailers. This grub has a ribbon tail with a unqiue paddle tail design at the end, so best of both tails!

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