How to Make Pontiac Lures (110mm)

How to Make Pontiac Lures (110mm)

Make your own Pontiac 110mm Lures.

Begin by making your wires.

Crimp the first loop using the insert mould.

Place the looped end in the mould and measure wire to edge of mould.

Put the crimp on and slide it up so it fits into the Mould.

Crimp and remove excess wire.

(Make as many wires as you require).

Place wires and figure 8's into Insert Mould, close and you are ready to pour.

Please note only soft lead is to be used, as wheel weights are too hard.  We recommend roofing lead or sheet lead.

Heat the mould a little and once your lead is heated you can pour into the mould.

Open the mould and remove inserts.

(Repeat until you have required number of inserts)

From here it is the same as making lures using any other soft plastic injection mould.

Place the inserts into the Pontiac Mould and close, making sure the mould closes correctly.

Heat your plastic, suck some into your injector and squirt it back into the pot.  This will heat the injector, which ensures an easy injection of plastic.  The injector and the injection mould will get very hot so wear protective clothing (gloves, long sleeved shirts, boots, eye protection and a mask).

When you are ready, reheat and inject your plastic.  Leave a few minutes to set, up to 10 minutes when the mould is very hot.

Using the method of pour and inject, you can make two colour lures.  Follow the instructions below: -

Heat your two colours and suck up one colour into injector.

Leave the injector in the jug of plastic to keep it hot.

Pour (from a jug) a small amount of your first colour and then immediately inject the second colour.

We recommend and suggest you use Hard Plastic for these lures.

Should the lures get damaged or torn, you can still recycle the plastic and re-use the insert to make more lures.

Parts Required for Lead Inserts

You require No 5 Figure 8 wires, 60lb - 49 strand nylon coated wire and crimps to suit.

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