John Smith, Melbourne

I love this website, it has everything I want to buy!!!


Ryan Ware, Morwell

Hi guys would just like to say how impressed i am with the quality and turn out of the lures. i got the prawn mould with the kiwi colour and the prawns came out awesome, also found the instructions very easy to follow and quite easy to make. cant wait to use them they are going to be deadly. will be ordering more gear i have run out thanks again.


Terry Holgate, Brisbane

just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me with making my own moulds ,they have turned out really well all so ive just started putting eyes in my lures and doin two toned colours I will send you some pics very soon ,once again thanks for every thing peter  

Steve, Bendigo

hi guys you two work so well together i injured my back nearly 2 years ago and haven't been able to work since this has given me something to do and and another reason to keep going the products are great and easy to use i am experenting with different colours and shapes and i dont care if one dosen;t catch a fish cos;e i just melt it down and try something else thanks again steve 


Lachy, Roseville

Just wanted to commend you on the quality of the lures that the moulds produce. I bought the 130mm flick bait mould and it is amazing, especially when using 100% medium liquid plastic. The best thing is that after the tailor destroy the lure you can just melt it down and make some more :) The lures also save me heaps! i worked out that it costs about 23c to make one 80mm wriggler with colour and glitter! Thats amazing when you compare it to the ~75c /lure cost that you pay for the commercial lures. Thanks a bunch and keep making more moulds!!! 


Peter, Engadine

I placed my order on the week end and the parcel arrived on Tuesday; you can not expect better service than that. I love the prawn mould I wasn't expecting a silcon mould.

Thanks again.  


Ryan, Morwell

Hi Thanks for the speedy delivery and great service. i was wrapped to come from work yesterday to find my new starter kits had arrived. time to get making. also i would like to know with the ribbon tail moulds what is the best method to pour eg: from tail to head or vice versa. plus what is the difference between
soft , med and hard liquid plastic or is it just the obvious softer , medium and harder plastic. is there a benefit to using scents and do u recommend any in the range for bream and flathead and is it best to use worm oil on the plastics to store them in bags. Thanks in advance and hope this is not to many questions but i am having a ball creating these plastics and introducing a lot more of my fishing mates into the operation you guys run in making your own plastics. be in touch 

Peter Commens u-make-em

I want to send a big congratulations to Scott Carriage on winning the Snapper Tournament this weekend. Scott also got a third prize. Well done and yes he caught these fish on one of his soft plastic fishing lures made with our products.
If you would like to see the photos of the massive snapper Scott caught just flick me an email and I will send you the photos via email.  The fish are just unbelievable and Scott so deserved to win the competition.  


Slade Langley

This is the only site that I have found to be able to purchase liquid soft plastic in Oz and am very impressed with the range and service. I currently make BIG softies for mackerel up here in Townsville and they have proven very effective. As these plastice are 500 mill long it is also very cost effective. If you can imajine it, you can make it. Cheers, Slade.



Thanks heaps for the super quick delivery guys. I went for a fish today with the new hand made plastics 1st cast KG Whiting 2nd cast Pinky im Lovin these. Super easy to make at home 



 hi pete and maree,sent you e mail a month ago[disributers qld ?]and yous said that yous would be at the tackle show- great-bush and beach gave yous a top write up and quite a few idiots like myself will be there--at least i will buying 2 starter kits and jig heads to suit-see yous at the show regards and cheers dave  


Quang (Addicted)

I so addicted to pouring soft plastic lures, after pouring my first lure i was hooked, but not as hooked as the first flatty i got on my 2nd cast!! sent afew styles and coulors to family and friends in QLD and have had nothing but postive feedback, fish caught on these home made SP range from bread and butter fish up to the highly sort after reef dwellers like Pearl perch, nannygia even some big Cods aswell best would be a nice 86cm cobia.

so guys if u ever thought of making ur own SP lures i recommend it as its very easy to pour and it will save u alot of money in the long run.


Terry Holgate, Brisbane

i would just like to say thank you very much i got my kit today i cant wait to start making my soft plastics ,i will be ordering more stuff very soon once again thank you heaps 


Terry Holgate, Brisbane

i must say ive made 25 soft plastics or ready in different colors ive got black glitter body with blue glitter tails they look sweet as ive got blue glitter bait fish and black glitter bait fish and iv,e done thee color that came with the kit with blue tails as well i will have another order very soon i hope thanks once again a very happy fisherman 



Maree & Peter
Just a short note to thank you for sending me an additional bottle of Plastisol ( it worked perfectly ) I did follow your original instructions and bingo all's O K . Ihave about 750ml of the crook stuff, should I just dump it ?
Once again thank you both for the excellent service and follow up, another happy customer.


Terry Holgate, Brisbane

thanks once again for the fast delivery i love the colors i've all ready started to pour some new ones today and thanks for the free gift one happy fisherman 

Terry Holgate, Brisbane

hi pete & maree ive just got back from a good day fishing i got a snapper and two sweet lip on soft plastics that i made and they were my own designs to which im stoked about i will send you some pics once again thanks heaps 


Terry, Gold Coast

hi peter& maree thought i would let you know my first fish 42cm flathead on a 74mm minnow colour kiwi with yellow tail regards terry


Brock, Toowoomba

hi just wanted to say that i am very happy with my first order so i have placed another one and there will be more to come thanks heaps brock  


Peter and Maree  -  u-make-em soft plastics

A big thank you to you all for your feedback - it is very much appreciated.  Please continue to leave feedback as it is a great way to share your skills with others and also keep us up to date with how our products are working.  You can also let us know about products that you would like to see on our website and we will do whatever we can to source such products and subsequently offer them at reasonable prices.

Thanks again everyone


Michael McCauley, Brisbane

I placed an order on Wednesday and was stung $9.55 for express post...I did not recieve my order within the week, dissapointed. I can get lures from China with free delivery and from America for $4.50 but from Australia $9.55 express and normal post $9.90, dissapointed. Ridiculous really. 

Maree and Peter - u-make-em soft plastics

Hi Michael,

Firstly, I would like to point out that you sent this feedback on Saturday morning and only placed your order on Wednesday night so am not sure how many days in your week.  We are sorry you are so disappointed with the cost of postage and the timeframe for deliveries but we do not have any control over Postage costs nor do we determine the speed at which the packages are delivered.

We have not had any other complaints from our customers re: postage costs nor delivery times and cannot control these issues. 


Michael McCauley - Brisbane

My next order - If it is in the next 12 months it will be too sonn..

Maree and Peter - u-make-em soft plastics

Hi Michael,

Despite us making a phone call to you following your negative feedback regarding postage costs and delivery times, you have chosen to post more negative feedback so cannot work out what your problem is.

We suspect that you may be connected in some way to another company who may be threatened by our quality products and reasonable prices and the fact that we are not in business to make money - rather to keep people fishing by making fishing affordable.

I tried to call you numerous times to discuss your issues but you did not answer your phone nor did you return my calls..  


Dean Adams

after having a back injury at work then having a spinal fusion i did not have a positive outlook on my future but i found your website and it has changed my life i know make everthing you guys on your website from spinnerbaits to soft plastics its addictive and rewarding thanks peter and maree at u- make-em soft plastics


Bjorn - Western Victoria

Great products!!!!! :)
Hooked on making soft plastics!
Easy to make and if I had any problems Peter was a great help. 
Any one that's thinking about making soft plastics, stop thinking and have a go!!

Thanks Peter :) 


Ryan - Newcastle

I have made over 300 plastics in 13 different molds and dozens of colours they all come out looking great and all of them work well on the species I target in comps and recreational fishing.To say I'm addicted to poring plastics would be a under statement.Thanks for all the great products and I would highly recommend your site to any one. 


Jacob - Bundaberg

awsome !!! 

from the first plastic ive made i coudnt get enough of it and thankyou for sending me another free colour refund of the leakedge in the post  


Joe - Bribie Island 

Received my Jig head mold today, great service, couldnt wait to use it so I melted down some old surf sinkers and poured 20 Jig heads in a matter of minutes. Fantastic. 1/4 oz round ball with size 2/0 hooks normally cost me $6.95 for 6 in a packet,if I can get them. Now it costs me 18cents each.
Now just waiting for my soft plastic kit to arrive. Will become a very regular customer, Oh thanks for the soft plastics included in the order, love em. Cheers Joe. 


Joe - Bribie Island QLD

Hi Peter and Maree, Just tried out some of my newly made lures in terrible conditions, with the wind up and very huge high tide, but still managed to score a real nice Flathead of 60cm with a 74mm paddle tail[ black top and orange belly ] on a 1/4oz ball jighead and 2/0 eagle claw hook. The lures swim great with plenty of action on the drop. Waiting for my next order to arrive so I can make some more molds. I would upload some photos, but can't seem to figure out how in this feedback section.
Keep up the great work.

Cheers Joe. 


Daniel,  Perth

only got into soft plastics around 6 months ago cause fishing with bait in the swan and canning river is useless cause of all the toadfish and still they seem to have a go at ripping apart my store bought softys. I looked for a bit on the net till i found this site and bought my first starter kit and now my girlfriend thinks I've gone soft plastic mad buy them for christmas gifts for family members. 

thanks very much for the new hobby  


Harry, Port Macquarie

i checked out your products a while back due to achillies tendon in jury at work i have haqd the pleasure of buying your products making blades jigheads and plastics to kill some time everything is spot on cheers harry 


Terry Holgate, Brisbane

just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me with making my own moulds ,they have turned out really well all so ive just started putting eyes in my lures and doin two toned colours I will send you some pics very soon ,once again thanks for every thing peter  


Allan Clarke, Melbourne

Just under a year now, I had discovered U-make-emsoftplastics.

I have not bought any Soft Plastics "off the shelf" and the hordes of retail plastics that I already had are still where I left them.

Being able to create and " Match the Hatch" with the products made available by Peter and Maree has brought a new dimension and satisfaction to every session on the water  


Mark Brook, Queensland

Hi guys received my starter kit the other day and have already made a few lures went for a flick today and caught a nice little shark heaps of fun and a great product. Can't wait to see what I can hook next. And just want to say thanks for the free gift it works and looks great... 


Ray, Gowrie Junction

peter & maree they go out of their way to help u out,ive been customer for a few years now,im more than impressed with the products, the help, im more than happy to recomend u-make-them-softplastics (u-make-them-fish-take-them).thanks peter& maree youll get sick of me yet thanks ray 


Charlie, Mt Gambier

Hey Peter i would just like to say that i really like the silicon i have ordered recently i previously purchased from another company it was a five kilo lot and was not cheap it took over a week to set and was not impressed at all not like the RTV silicon you stock also liked the speedy delivery as well. 


Graeme, Casey

Hi Peter, 
I recently bought some purple spinnerbait skirts, did a change out on one of my old spinnerbaits, result was 14 pound cod in Yerrabi. My family then gave me the spinnerbait kit for xmas, great surprise and very easy process as well. Got some hints from you with the portable gas stove, worked well.End result, 2 cod today to kick off 2014. Great kits and great range of parts. Cheers. 


Guy, Newport

These lures continue to catch bream and flatties up the Hawkesbury. They are well made and great value - AND THEY WORK!
thanks Peter and Maree


Dave, Downside

I recently purchased 2 injection molds and a starter kit. The quality was great from one but not so good from the other. After a couple of emails to and from Peter, he worked out that the problem was the mix was too hard for the 55mm curly tail minnow. 

Without asking, Peter sent me a bottle of softener, free of charge ( and that included $9.90 postage)! This proved to be the cure and now I have 100% success. 
After market service like this is all but unheard of these days and Maree and Peter have won themselves another loyal customer.
Regards Dave  

Ben, Redcliffe

I recently purchased the starter kit in 65mm prawn just to test out and see how I went. it took a while for me to get the right temperature to get the plastics going but in the end they were great; I hhad heaps of fun. I would like to mention the great service and delivery times; the products got here within a day to receive them on my birthday; took them out today for a flick and landed 3 nice flatheads with the biggest at 59cm. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Regards, Ben 


John Peddie, New Zealand

Hi Peter & Maree . Thank you for the products you sent me .Im very happy with the purchase . You kept me informed all the time re-when you sent the goods to me, they arrived at my home town in (Rangiora) South Island New Zealand . WE will be buying more from you soon
Best Regards


Ricky, Dubbo

Hi Peter,

I would like to say thank you for the speedy delivery. I Wasn't expecting it until next week, looks like it's test time a week early.

Cheers Ricky 

Christine, Tasmania

A huge thanks my parcel arrived and started straight away. have made 64 lure so far and haven't had any problems was amazed how quick and easy they are to make and how simple have various colours with dipped tails and glitters. 


Charlie, Mt Gambier

Hey Peter I thought I would show you what I make with your lure making products I started a facebook page to show my homemade lures I'm so glad you and your wife have these products available in Australia. Ctalman 


Mike Ahearne, Hervey Bay Qld

a big thank you for supplying me with all the goodies to make my own soft plastic lures will be getting some more plastisol soon as have gone through over 11 litres so far and made around 1500 tails in 18 different configurations, if possible could you answer the 2 emails I sent you yesterday as want to place another order.
Keep up the good work...mike 


Kim Leedle, Renmark SA

Hi Peter & Maree,
Thankyou for your great service & spinnerbait products.
Wow & postage to S.A super fast ordered Sunday here Thursday morning.
Keep up the great work & products.


Brendan, Brisbane

Hi Peter and Maree you have excellent products and great service I have ordered my first order a couple of weeks ago and I'm very pleased with it. It didn't take long to get to my door and I have been in the shed making my own soft plastic lures every weekend since. I will be ordering more products off you


Jason Cod-X, Inverell

I started buying from you 2yrs ago as a hobby and bit of fun .last year I won bladed lure of the year at the lure and fly expo .thanks for helping make my dreams come true .you are the best   


Stephen, Griffith

Hi guys what can i say making spinner baits within hours of delivery went to local river and on about the third cast i swear i herd a murray cod say to his mates thats a u make um spinner bait lets get it hooked up 62cm nothing

more to say keep up the good work. PS very fast delivery



Peter and Maree at u-make-em soft plastics

Thank you for all the feedback and please keep your comments coming.  We welcome all your fishing/success stories be they making lures or catching fish and tips and techniques are also very welcome both for us and our valued customers.  



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